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I'm a florist, get me out of here! (What's the special offer?)

You work hard enough already.

Isn't it time your website did the same?

A florist's website should be your hardest working salesperson - it works 24/7, doesn't take breaks, and is cheaper than a full time staff member. But, is your website pulling its weight? Do you receive online orders? Do you receive enough online orders? Are they easy to read and easy to manage? If you answered no to any of those questions - we can help.

If you're a member of a relay network, and use the network's approved product photographs, we can even help you accept orders for nationwide delivery on your own website - all you need to do is copy the order into the relay network's software!

Prefer to do it yourself?

We offer a wide range of hosting plans including Wordpress hosting, Weebly sites, email-only plans, and so much more - plus domain names at fantastic prices, over at BAKKBONE Hosting.
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The offer

First, what's included:
- Domain name
- First year's hosting
- Fully responsive site at industry-standard capability
- eCommerce functionality (take orders online for delivery and/or collection)
- Up to 4 other site pages included (things like your portfolio, info about wedding/corporate offerings, etc)
- Unlimited revisions before the site goes live
- 1 free revision block (up to 1 hour's work from our developers) per 3 months for the life of your site (valued $75/hr)
How much?
For the package exactly as above we'll guarantee an initial investment of no more than $3,000 and a renewal annually of no more than $1,500 for the first 3 renewals. Plus, if we can do what you want even cheaper, we will!
How do I pay?
We accept all major cards online (we'll send you a link), or a bank transfer. You can pay a deposit of approximately one third of your quote to commence work, and pay in instalments until your site goes live, or pay in full to speed up development. Your renewal will be due in full before the anniversary date as listed in your quote.
What do I need to provide?
We'll catch up with you before we start, to get a feel for your requirements. This is when we prepare your individualised quote, request the basics like your logo etc., and get to work on what's called a "wire-frame" - the first draft of the basic look/feel of your site. This is usually sent back to you for consideration within the week. We'll then give an indication of what copy we'll need from you (that's fancy developer talk for "what do you want to say on this page"). We'll also advise you on what types of images to provide to best achieve the results you're looking for.
What are the terms of this offer?
If you need functionality outside the industry-standard offering we provide, the cost of developing this is not part of the Floristry Industry offer and is excluded from the "maximum cost" of investment and renewal as stated above. Once your site is live, revisions will be charged at our usual schedule of rates in blocks of 6 minutes, as well as things like major refreshes (ie. re-starting your site from scratch), new pages, additional domain names, SEO/advertising services, and further graphic design.

Ready to roll?

Drop your details below and we'll get in touch for a consult!
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